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Peeps Pizza Is an Easter Food Tradition Gone Horribly Wrong

“It makes me physically ill”

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Slice/Serious Eats

As far as holiday food traditions go, Easter isn’t quite as clear-cut as say, Thanksgiving: There might be ham, but maybe also lamb, or maybe just a boat-load of chocolate candy and bunny-shaped Sweetarts. But in recent years, a newer Easter food ritual has emerged and become legend, thanks to the internet: the Peepza, a pizza topped with the sugary, seasonal marshmallow chicks known as Peeps.

While the Peepza was almost certainly born into existence due to its delightful portmanteau possibilities, rather than a desire to actually make a tasty dish, that hasn’t stopped plenty of poor souls from actually trying it. Though the melty pastel nightmare has been attributed to various sources over the years, the progenitor of Peepza is in fact pizza guru Adam Kuban, the editor of Serious Eats’ now-dormant Slice blog.

Slice ran a recipe for Peepza back in 2010 as a stunt, and every year as Easter approaches, photos of the dish begin to trickle across the web, giving way to sensationalist headlines, curious taste-tests, and a deluge of social media reactions.

Below, the seven stages of reactions to the Peepza, as expressed by Twitter users.

First comes shock:

Then, disbelief:

Followed quickly by disgust:

Then, anger:

Followed by lingering discontent:

And gradually, desire:

Finally, acceptance:

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