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In-N-Out’s Secret Tomato Wrap Is the Bigfoot of Fast Food

Here’s everything you need to know about this burger

Every In-N-Out Burger super fan knows that the popular California-based burger chain has a “secret menu” with special items like “Animal Style” burgers, cheese fries, and grilled cheese sandwiches. This special list of tweaks and ad-ons is arguably the thing that people love the most about In-N-Out. The internet is rife with guides to how to order these off-the-menu items. But there’s one dish that has eluded the internet burger obsessives... until now. Say hello to the Tomato Wrap, a dish that was captured in the wild by the buddies behind the YouTube series Roommate Things:

This is basically a riff on the bun-less, sauce-slathered Protein Style burger with tomatoes instead of lettuce. In this clip, one of the hosts, Clayton, tries the burger and declares: “All I can taste is tomato. It overpowers everything.” The official In-N-Out Burger secret menu homepage does not mention the dish, but the receipt in the video lists “Tomato Wrap” as a modification for the Animal Style Double Double.

The next time you’re at In-N-Out, consider asking for it by name.

Check out Eater’s explainer on the secret menu phenomenon for more details on why fast food chains like In-N-Out start serving dishes like the Tomato Wrap. And if you have any favorite “secret” dish orders at In-N-Out or any other national chain, please share your tips and menu hacks in the comments below.

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