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Australian Rapper 2Pec Avoids Paying $600 Seafood Tab By Running Into the Sea

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This story is stranger than fiction

Restaurant photo; 2Pec photp

If you used a book of Mad Libs to help write the police blotter, you might end up with the delightfully weird story of 2Pec, the Australian rapper who got apprehended by cops on jet skis after allegedly fleeing a seafood restaurant where he racked up a $600 tab.

The MC — whose real name is Terry Peck — visited Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant on the Gold Coast yesterday for a ludicrously lavish solo meal that reportedly included a couple of lobsters, 21 oyster shots, an octopus, and beer to wash it all down. When the bill of $621 came, 2Pec allegedly got up from the table and ran into the ocean. Staffers at the restaurant called the police, but the officers were unable to coax him ashore, so they had to ask lifeguards to ferry them out to where 2Pec was swimming to avoid arrest. The cops eventually nabbed the truant Peck, and slapped him with stealing charges and two counts of assaulting a police officer.

To make matter even more ridiculous, 2Pec says that he left the table without paying because a friend of his was giving birth on the beach, and also because the lobster was overcooked and there were bits of shell in one of his oysters. A manager at the restaurant told ABC: "We cook our lobsters perfectly here — we pride ourselves on cooking our lobsters perfectly." And Peck’s lawyer told the local news: “Alcohol is an issue for him and it is something he needs to address.“ The police department captures some footage of 2Pec getting dragged out of the sea by the cops, buck naked.

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