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You Can Now Get 40s of Rosé, Because Why Not

Plus other food news to know today

• Who says 40s need to be limited to malt liquor? In a mash-up of two probably-totally-opposite drinking cultures, New York City sommelier Patrick Cappiello is now offering rosé by the 40-ounce bottle. The aptly named Forty Ounce Wines sells both rosé and Muscat in the larger, millennial-friendly (sigh) bottle — a normal wine bottle is usually 750 mL, or 25.4 fluid ounces. Oddly, it’s not the only oversized rosé concept to launch recently: Earlier this spring, a subscription service called Summer Water Societé promised to enable super-sized drinking by sending three magnums to drinkers’ doorsteps every month.

• Ben & Jerry’s isn’t the only one encroaching on Christina Tosi’s turf: a month after the ice cream brand borrowed Tosi’s famous idea for “cereal milk”-flavored ice cream, Burger King is getting in the game with a Fruit Loops-topped milkshake. The limited-time-only item isn’t quite “cereal milk” flavored, but simply mixes cereal pieces and something called “sweet sauce” with vanilla soft serve. It’s available on menus starting April 17.

• Great news for fans of Chick-fil-A’s discontinued spicy chicken biscuit sandwich: BrandEating reports that despite announcing last year it would take the item off its menu, it’s stuck around about 60 Chick-fil-A locations nationwide.

• A restaurant owner in Syria has named his falafel-slinging business after President Donald Trump.

• Food writer/mental health advocate Kat Kinsman offers this suggestion for food festival organizer: offer more sober spaces, please.

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