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11 Top April Fools’ Day Food Moments

From all creme Oreos to Whopper toothpaste

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bush’s jelly beans fake ad Facebook/Bush’s Beans

With April Fools’ Day falling on a Saturday this year, it meant a whole weeks worth of marketing gimmicks to throw off unsuspecting consumers (and reporters). Everything from new services, to dramatic name changes, and stunt products were unveiled in the name of April 1 pranks. Below are some of this week’s best moments from the world food.

Krispy Cream

The UK branch of Krispy Kreme really committed to April Fools’ Day this year with a multi-day prank announcing that it would now be dubbed Krispy Cream with a “C.” Videos featuring “Chief Donut Officer” Michael Davis explained that the pronunciation was just too challenging for his “British peeps” to pronounce.

Microwave Burrito Commentary on Netflix Live

Online binge-watching service Netflix’s foray into live streaming involves Will Arnett narrating everyday appliances in action. Ever contemplated the amount of time required to heat a burrito all the way through in the microwave? Well, now you can listen to Arnett ruminate on that subject as well as the “browninator” AKA the toaster. Watch all 48 action-packed minutes here.

microwave with will arnett on a split-screen
Will Arnett on Netflix Live.

Bush’s Jelly Beans

Because baked beans are practically passé, Bush’s Beans introduced a new product this week that makes more sense in an Easter Basket than next to a slab of ribs. All the best flavors are there, according to Bush’s advertisers: “lemon, cherry, grape, orange, and honey chipotle!” Delicious.

bush’s jelly beans fake ad Facebook/Bush’s Beans

Whopper Toiletries

Forget minty fresh breath. This year, Burger King gave the people what they want — Whopper flavored toothpaste. Sure, your significant other may leave you after regular usage, but it’s all worth it for that fast food burger breath. And if that’s not enough scent for you, consider ordering a bottle of Eau de Whopper.

‘Just the Creme’ Oreo

Dream on ‘just the creme’ hopefuls. Oreo is not packaging creme discs sans chocolate cookies anytime soon. The company does produce “Cookies and Cream” Oreos though, which is just weird enough to be true.

Helium Coca-Cola

Is it too much to ask for a beverage that transforms your voice with every sip? Sadly, Coca-Cola carbonated with helium is a product that’s only available in your dreams and the minds of a clever advertising team.

Cheetos Spray

“Radiate with the orange glow of Cheetos” with the help of Cheetos Spray Tan. It’s “designed to make you stand out ... Like really stand out.” It’s also available in Flaming Hot (but only for April Fools’, of course!).

Grubhub Delivery X

Food delivery company Grubhub is taking its business to the next-level with Deliver X — a service where parkour athletes, professional skateboarders, and BMX riders bring food your door “faster than ever before.”

Honda Blender

Making your green smoothie is easier than ever thanks to Honda’s new tricked out car features including the “Honda Blend” blender and refrigerated glove box. It even comes with an “exclusive cup system” for sipping your “nectar of health.”

Jameson’s Irish Whiskey

The folks at Jameson’s have unearthed an 230-year-old barrel of whiskey. “Aged in a top-secret cellar where old Irish gentlemen sang it old Irish songs,” it’s the “most significant batch of Jameson’s ever created.” Too bad there’s only one glass left.

Ikea Bïgland Skål Bar

Kids aren’t the only one’s that get to have fun at Ikea anymore. Instead of witnessing your relationship slowly disintegrate while choosing a Swedish-made table, why not head to Bïgland’s Skål bar — one of three adults-only, unsupervised areas coming to Ikea this spring (but not really). Sip on MALMosas, while deciding whether you need one or two of those night stands.


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