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McDonald’s Knows Absolutely Nothing About Ireland

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The chain needs to study up on Irish culture

All-American fast-food chain McDonald’s may need to study up on Ireland’s cultural heritage if it wants to attract customers on the Emerald Isle. In an attempt to advertise the return of its Shamrock Shake, Mickey D’s stitched together a bunch of cultural symbols. The problem is that none of these things are actually Irish.

A rundown of what’s seen in the above video, as noted by Irish News:

  • An actor wearing a tartan hat, which is a piece of traditional Scottish headwear.
  • The same actor playing his Shamrock Shake as if it were bagpipes, also Scottish.
  • A background image of Stonehenge. That’s in England.
  • The Shamrock Shake: McDonald’s would like to sell this as an Irish thing, but it’s definitely not Irish.

Irish News also notes the video depicts a rainbow and sheep hanging out on a rolling, green hill. Those could be scenes from Ireland, but they could be scenes from many other places in the world, too. Maybe take a do-over on this one, McDonald’s.

Of course, this could be a big stunt in an effort to create some viral content. If the marketing is bad enough, people are bound to share it, which means people will have Shamrock Shakes on the brain. Maybe you’re brilliant, McDonald’s.

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