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At NYC’s High Street on Hudson, Chefs Have No Patience for Fussy Food

The ‘Leave It to Us’ menu allows for a more relaxed experience

Conjure the “classic” image of a tasting menu, and it probably consists of multiple courses, pressed white tablecloths, and multiple forks of varying sizes. But the team at New York City’s acclaimed High Street on Hudson is doing things a little differently.

High Street on Hudson opened in late 2015 and has since garnered praise for its refined take on brunch, but the restaurant also offers its own, more casual take on a tasting menu. The food is the work of chef Eli Kulp and chef de cuisine Gene Twardowski. Kulp gained notoriety as the chef and owner of three beloved restaurants in Philadelphia, including the popular High Street on Market.

They call their approach the “Leave It to Us” selection, and unlike most tasting menus, it’s served family style. Rather than offering a set series of courses, the chefs tailor each menu to suit the tastes of individual patrons, but always remain dedicated to showcasing the best ingredients the season has to offer. The menu doesn’t always use the expensive proteins and impossible-to-source fungi that fine dining is known for, but instead creates a sophistication all its own — in this case, from lesser-known meats, seasonal produce, and beautiful breads. The result is a meal that feels elegant but approachable.

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