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Brooklyn Brewery Is Teaming Up With Local Restaurants for a Big Beer Festival

Good beer, Roberta’s, and Frankel’s — all in one place

Chris Jordan/Brooklyn Brewery

This year, Brooklyn Brewery will team up with local breweries and restaurants to bring eight cities what they’re calling “a labyrinth of immersive experiences” — aka beer, food, music, and culture all in one place.

The tour, dubbed the Mash at Beer Mansion, will take place in a venue with five unique rooms, each with a theme designed to match the flavor profiles of the beer that will be poured inside it. Guests won’t just drink hoppy lagers in a grassy room — there will also be live music, art, games, “tech elements,” and food to match the mood.

It’s kicking off in Brooklyn on April 21 and 22 at the Monto & The Well with beer from KCBC, Finback, Strong Rope, LIC Beer Project, and Other Half Brewing Company. Tickets are available now for the Brooklyn launch and will be sold in three stages — early bird for $55, regular for $60, and at the door for $65. The price of ticket includes unlimited beer, live music, and food from Brooklyn Brewery’s in-house chef. Eater, a media sponsor, curated some dishes that will also be available for purchase from Roberta’s, Bunker, and Frankel’s. There will also be a bloody mary bar from McClure’s Pickles and a “chip wall” from Garden of Eatin’.

After the launch in NYC, the Beer Mansion will head to Boston, Philly, Chicago, DC, and several cities in Europe. Stay tuned for information about ticket sales and food options for locations later in the tour, and watch a promo video from Brooklyn Brewery here: