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Sadly, Wine-Infused Coffee Won’t Get You Drunk

But you’ll get a caffeine buzz

[Molinari Private Reserve]

With so many notes and hints and subtleties making up their obsessions of choice, wine snobs and coffee snobs are among the most enthusiastic of all gourmands. A cafe in Napa Valley has come up with a product that should pique the interest of oenophiles and baristas alike: wine-infused coffee. Not just a treat for those residing in Northern California, the new beverage is available for purchase online, reports ABC 7 in San Francisco.

As one might imagine, the vino-spiked coffee, named Molinari Private Reserve after Napa’s Molinari Caffe, appears to be incredibly popular. It’s currently on backorder. The price tag isn’t cheap: $20 per half-pound bag. What do interested parties get for two sawbucks? “This full-bodied coffee relaxes in a beautiful wine, absorbing the wine’s nose and history, then the coffee is carefully dried and hand-roasted in small batches,” according to the official website.

Molinari recommends brewing the coffee, which is infused with California wines, in a French press, though a standard drip machine will work too. But don’t leave the beverage sitting on the heat, or it will overcook. Leftovers are best served cold, apparently.

Molinari says the coffee makes “a great espresso,” and drinking it with milk is supposed to showcase the wine-y profile right up front. For anyone who wants to balance out their morning upper with a little downer, know other beverages will be required: This brew contains no alcohol.

Wine-Infused Coffee Is Finally Here [ABC 7]
Molinari Private Reserve [Official]

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