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Disney World’s Crispy Fried Chicken Is Too Good to Pass Up

Make a trip to Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue ASAP

While theme park food has a reputation for being the least exciting part of the experience (roller coasters > selfies with Minnie Mouse > corndogs that are confusingly both soggy and dry), Consumed host Carlye Wisel is determined to find the best culinary options in Disney World. This week, her search leads her to the crispiest fried chicken in the Orlando Disney-verse, available in the Western-themed Fort Wilderness Resort. Complete with cabins and campsites, the resort is close to the Magic Kingdom and accessible to non-guests by the park’s ferry service.

The chicken in question appears by the bucketful as part of the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, the Vaudevillian dinner theatre spectacular that’s been running continuously in Fort Wilderness’ Pioneer Hall since 1974. According to Wisel, the show’s Wild West-themed antics and possibly cringey audience participation moments are a small price to pay for the dish, which is served all-you-can-eat-style with cornbread, salad, and ribs.

(Pro tip: If the show is not your speed, you can skip the revue and still feast on chicken by the bucket next door to the theatre, at P & J’s Southern Takeout. Sing-alongs averted.)

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