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Yes, You Can Buy Girl Scout Cookies on Amazon

What to do when cookies season is over, and more food news to know today

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  • Miss out on Girl Scout cookie orders? No big deal, because PopSugar reports that now the cookies are available on Amazon — at a markup but with Prime shipping to boot.
  • People in Russia are developing a taste for alcohol-free beer — thanks in part to “government initiatives to discourage drinking,” Fortune notes — and the breweries are into it. Major beer company Anheuser Busch InBev even intends to “promote the alcohol-free version of its Bud brand as a sponsor of soccer's FIFA World Cup when Russia hosts it next year.”
  • Nobody wants to buy Paula Deen’s mansion. In Savannah, Georgia, the home has two guest cottages and a 10,000 square-foot barn. Also: an eight-car garage with a dock house. It’s down from $12.5 million to $8.75 million, maybe because no one knows what a dock house is.
  • ICYMI, Rep. Joe Barton tried to get people to move to a decision about the now-dead health care bill by promising to buy everyone in the committee food from Waffle House. Spoiler: It didn’t work.
  • Today in touristy news, an ad agency created a tequila cloud as part of an exhibit in Berlin aimed to get more German citizens to visit Mexico. Watch: