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Krispy Kreme Is Not Becoming Krispy Cream

Stay vigilant

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Acquired By JAB Holding Co For $1.35 Billion Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Earlier this week, before the world had readied itself for popular brand holiday April Fools’ Day, Krispy Kreme announced in a statement that it was changing its name to Krispy Cream in the United Kingdom. As the shimmering-doughnut company explained it, U.K. sweets lovers struggle to say “Kreme” the American way, pronouncing it instead as “creme” — an unacceptably European approach.

British news outlets were quick to report on the change. Maybe the prank just wasn’t prank-y enough: If the ad agency behind it had really committed to the joke, they would have gone with Crispy Cream. A goofy video released by the company on Twitter, in which “Chief Donut Officer” Michael Davis promises his “British peeps” that he’ll even rename his dog Little K.C., made it clear that the brand was not to be trusted.

Krispy Kreme probably won’t give up its Ks anytime soon. The letter is a common feature of sensational spelling in brand names, and an oft-cited monologue delivered by aging vaudevillian Willie in Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys describes it as a particularly funny sound (“Cupcake is funny. Tomato is not funny. Cookie is funny. Cucumber is funny.”). Funnier than April Fools’ jokes from brands?