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Wendy’s Expertly Shades McDonald’s Over Frozen Beef

A master class in social media savagery

Mike Mozart/Flickr

Wendy’s Twitter account has unsheathed its greasy claws on fast-food titan McDonald’s. This week McD’s announced that, by mid-2018, most of its restaurants would use fresh beef for Quarter Pounders (the chain first began testing fresh beef last year at a handful of stores in Texas) — something that Wendy’s has been doing for ages.

Wendy’s mascot used to be its namesake redhead, the daughter of late founder Dave Thomas, but these days, the face of the company is seemingly a very snarky social media manager. Earlier this year the Frosty slinger made headlines for sparking Twitter beef with Burger King, and its burns were so sick that CNN’s resident silver fox Anderson Cooper reenacted the exchange on air. Now it’s taken aim at McDonald’s, much to the delight of its Twitter followers:

Bolstered by encouragement from its followers, who fueled the Twitter fire with Randy Savage gifs, the chain then continued to dish out insults, this time ripping on McDonald’s much-publicized ice cream machine troubles:

Judging by the insane number of retweets and this amazing gif of Wendy dunking on Ronald McDonald, Twitter is definitely lovin’ it.

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