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Watch: These Ceviche Tostadas Are Worth the Road Trip to Mexico

“Open Road” stops at one special Ensenada street cart for sea urchin ceviche and clams on the half-shell

On this episode of Open Road, Bricia and Fernando Lopez — the brother and sister team from the family behind Los Angeles’ Restaurante Guelaguetza — make their next road trip pitstop in Ensenada to sample some of the best ceviche in Mexico. It’s a have-to-try-before-you-die kind of meal, with awards and accolades from competitions all over the world — but it’s best enjoyed on the side of the road in a plastic chair.

Sabina Bandera González is the force behind La Guerrarense, the street cart that her in-laws opened in 1960. The cart’s celebrated ceviches and tostadas are made from ultra-fresh seafood while the customers wait. Each ceviche is 90 pesos, the equivalent of just over one US dollar, while the tostadas go for less than five dollars apiece. González can be found either at the cart or representing it at various international competitions every day, and her likeness even graces the labels on La Guerrarense’s homemade salsas. She is as much a reason to visit the cart as her simple but flavorful dishes, and as Bricia notes, “Sabina is goals.”

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