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Watch: Korean-Jamaican Fusion Is Real, and It’s Delicious

K-Town heads to the Spicy Belly in Philly for jerk chicken dumplings and bibimbap

While Korean-Mexican cuisine has become more common over the years, Korean-Jamaican is a rare, enticing combination. Host and Eater LA editor Matthew Kang continues his foray into Philadelphia’s Korean food scene by trying a restaurant that takes on these two cuisines.

At the Spicy Belly, Korean and Jamaican flavors are melded to create something completely new. Co-owners and brothers Jason and Jimmy Mills — who are half-Korean and half-Jamaican — were inspired by their Korean mother’s takes on Jamaican dishes. Her influence is felt in chef Jimmy’s creations. He serves crispy beef patties with a Korean-style pickled cucumber salad, fried mandu stuffed with jerk chicken with a drizzle of jerk sauce. The Mo-Bay bimbop may look like a typical dolsot bibimbap but underneath the fried egg, bulgogi, gochujang, bean sprouts, and kimchi, there is a bed of coconut rice and peas and sautéed chayote. Watch above to see Kang have his brain completely rewired by these dishes.

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