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Beyoncé-Approved Coffee Is Coming to Houston

Plus a new culinary film series, and more food news to know

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  • The man responsible for Beyoncé’s spiritual well-being is opening a coffee shop next month. Pastor Rudy Rasmus, the man who guides the soul of our indisputable Queen — as well as her sister Solange, who in an interesting royal simultaneity is also indisputably our Queen — is opening ThroughGood Coffee in Houston, where he’ll be “changing lives through good coffee.” It's an extension of Rasmus's work with Houston's homeless and HIV+ populations. Catching a glimpse of Mrs. Carter over your macchiato is just a bonus.
  • Wow, melting candy set to classical music (via Gizmodo) is remarkably soothing.
  • The filmmakers behind Perennial Plate, the James Beard Award-winning culinary documentary series, are launching a project called “Resistance Through Storytelling.” The five-part series will focus on the stories of immigrant and refugee families, with food at the center, and it’s all being funded by Kickstarter donations.
  • The world’s most caffeinated coffee is now available in the U.S. Yay? It’s called Black Insomnia, and one cup will get you as jittery as four conventional cups. Lab tests recently proved that Black Insomnia surpasses the previous holder of the title for most caffeinated coffee, Death Wish, kicking off an arms race that seems likely to lead only to heart attacks and doom. If you’re emotionally and physically ready for it, you can get Black Insomnia on Amazon.
  • Economist Tyler Cowen thinks food is the new music, but he also worries that food is less effective as a political tool than music has been. He might be right about the first part of that hypothesis, but (editorial opinion alert) he’s flatly wrong about the second, since the definition of “food culture” he’s using is pretty narrow, and he’s comparing it to the entirety of music. Then again, maybe he’s just getting old.
  • Famous person Scarlett Johansson says she has a famous-person crush on fellow famous-person Gordon Ramsay. Okay, fine, but does she play his video game?