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Keep Your Mouth ‘Whopper Fresh’ With Burger King Toothpaste

Watch Burger King’s absurd new commercial

Burger King, the reigning champion of fast food gimmickry, just deployed a new campaign this week for Whopper toothpaste, which, AdWeek notes, will allegedly be made available in French BK outposts and some pharmacies overseas.

The commercial for this new product, which may or may not be real, starts with a Ken-doll-esque dude explaining his dilemma: “To keep the Whopper’s taste in my mouth, I haven’t brushed my teeth in two weeks. It really works, but my wife dumped me.” That’s where Whopper toothpaste comes into play. A spokesperson in a white doctor’s coat explains: “From day one, the ultra-fresh advanced Whopper technology will help keep your breath Whopper fresh longer than ever, and you’ll notice the results immediately.” After the dude uses this product, his wife walks into their apartment and remarks: “It smells of Whopper in here — did you brush your teeth?”

April Fool’s Day is on Saturday, which is not optimal timing for major food brands that want to hoist their latest viral stunts on the public. The real sweet spot for a campaign like this is the middle of the week (like right now!), when office workers are wasting countless hours of company time reading their favorite blogs (hi!) and scrolling through their various social media feeds. Consider Whopper toothpaste an early April Fool’s Day offering from the internet prankster gods.

Burger King loves introducing stunt products, some of which, are never actually made available to customers. Their viral gimmick graveyard includes the “hands free Whopper holder,” Whopper wine, and Whopper air fresheners.

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