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Bride-to-Be Makes Impressive Taco Bell Wedding Dress

People will do anything to win a free wedding at the fast-food chain

In the hopes of improving her chances at nabbing a free wedding inside a Las Vegas Taco Bell, a bride-to-be by the name of Diane Nguyen decided to make a wedding dress out of discarded burrito wrappers from the chain. This is an impressive DIY fashion achievement, and she looks fabulous:

On Instagram, Nguyen explains that she’s been engaged to her fiancé for four years, and Taco Bell has had a recurring role in their relationship from “after school runs, to late meals after work (or a night of partying).”

There are probably some other good entries in this contest... but it’s hard to imagine anyone beating Diane in terms of craftiness and pure chutzpah. You can vote for Diane to win on the Taco Bell homepage, but really, the chain should just dispense with the voting and give her the prize already.

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