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Trevor Noah’s Genius Plan to Save Meals on Wheels

Say hello to Meal Team Six

The Trump administration recently proposed increasing military spending while potentially cutting funding to a slew of programs that are near and dear to Americans’ hearts, including Meals on Wheels, which provides food and companionship to over 2.4 million elderly people. On last night’s episode of the Daily Show, host Trevor Noah pitched one idea on how to keep Meals on Wheels alive: “If Trump only wants to spend money on the military, then maybe we just have to make everything military.”

That’s where Meal Team Six comes in — it’s a rejiggered version of Meals on Wheels where soldiers shoot sandwiches through people’s windows, deliver fish via drones, and army crawl into kitchens to drop off fresh quesadillas. In the clip above, Meal Team Six’s sergeant at arms explains their mission: “If we look and act like the military when delivering food, we can trick the president and protect Meals on Wheels.”
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