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Cherry Blossom Cotton Candy Pizza Heralds the Triumphant Return of Spring

A German beer garden in Tokyo debuts a bright pink delicacy

Around this time every year, restaurants all across Japan serve specialties inspired by the blooming of the cherry blossom trees. Diners can enjoy sakura-themed beer, cakes, macarons, McFlurrys, Frappuccinos, and bottles of both Coke and Pepsi. This year, a German restaurant in Tokyo by the name of Schmatz is taking the sakura-inspired food trend to new heights with the introduction of a thin-crust pizza topped with cherry blossom cotton candy and honey-ginger sauce.

The hot honey sauce melts the cotton candy so that it forms a slippery layer of goo atop the crust that kind of looks like freshly melted cheese. Wild! Schmatz is also offering sakura-themed salads and a schnitzel dish with pink sauce, and the restaurant promises views of the cherry blossoms from its garden. These specials are only available from now through April 2.

For more ideas on what to eat on your next visit to Tokyo (assuming that the cherry blossom cotton candy pizzas are all sold out), please take Eater’s guide to Tokyo for a spin — it has recommendations for dining at the high end, the low end, and everything in between.

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