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Watch: These Shrimp and Mushroom Gyoza Are Stuffed With Local Hawaiian Ingredients

Following the shrimp from pond to plate at Honolulu’s Moku Kitchen

On the Kualoa Ranch private nature reserve, a onetime taro patch, which has been converted into a shrimp pond, serves at the starting point of a popular Honolulu dish. On this episode of Deconstructed, watch as the fried shrimp and mushroom gyoza at Moku Kitchen come together, from the net to the table.

Moku Kitchen’s chef Todd Constantino prides himself on sourcing as many ingredients as he can from around Oahu, implementing what the restaurant refers to as an "upcountry downtown" aesthetic — that is, marrying the island’s upcountry farming and ranching history (based at higher-elevation and more-inland areas) with the style of Moku Kitchen’s location in downtown Honolulu. As a result, the menu is full of local produce, meat, and fish. In this particular dish, Moka Kitchen utilizes both Ali’i mushrooms from the Hamakua Coast and Kualoa shrimp, which the reserve sells fresh at its visitor’s center for $12 per pound.

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