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Watch: O Ya Makes Omakase Playful

This high-end Japanese restaurant takes inspiration from BLT sushi rolls 

In New York City's Murray Hill neighborhood, a small sign and row of bamboo are all of O Ya that is visible from the street. The high-end Japanese restaurant from husband and wife team Nancy and Tim Cushman, a sister to their Boston location of the same name, O Ya NYC offers a nontraditional take on omakase — and that “chef’s choice” dining experience is featured in this week’s episode of 60 Second Tasting Menu.

Tim Cushman, chef and co-owner, cites a BLT sushi roll he ate during a trip to Japan as the inspiration for using surprising and unlikely ingredients to top his fish and rice dishes. On the current menu, an example of this playfulness is the Kumamoto Oyster sashimi, served with ponzu-marinated watermelon pearls (scooped with a tiny melon baller and made to look like fish eggs) and cucumber mignonette. The menu at O Ya combines individual sushi pieces with larger cooked offerings to total either 18 (for $185) or 24 ($245) courses.

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