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Before You Break Up With Salt Bae, Watch This Cheeseburger Video

It’s hard to quit this guy when he keeps on givin’


After surfing a wave of viral fame earlier this year, the Turkish meat maestro known as Salt Bae made one wrong move and got sucked into the digital undertow. But this misstep did not break his spirit. Instead Salt Bae — whose real name is Nusret Gökçe paddled back out into the social media sea and now the big kahuna is hanging ten once again.

The man with all the sodium just dropped a new video that, by Salt Bae standards, is exceptionally long — it lasts for almost an entire minute. And like any great double album, this new work has experimental bits and perhaps a few moments that could be edited down, and yet, those flights of fancy are exactly what make it so unique. Witness the Instagram opus that is Salt Bae’s cheeseburger video:

Kobe burger #salt #saltlife #saltbae

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