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McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Is Finally Coming to Stores… in Canada

Plus other food news to know today

• Canada always gets the things we Americans don’t deserve. After breaking the internet earlier this year by giving away 10,000 bottles of otherwise-commercially-unavailable Big Mac Sauce, McDonald’s has announced the coveted burger condiment will finally be available for retail sale — but only in Canada. Big Mac Sauce, not to mention bottled versions of the sauces that top Filet-O-Fish and McChicken sandwiches, will hit grocery store shelves later this spring. No word on if or when the bottles will cross the border anytime soon; in the meantime, expect Canadians to make some extra bucks hawking the stuff to Americans on eBay.

• Chicago chef/interesting human Rick Bayless can soon be found in your freezer case. Frontera Foods — Bayless’s line of packaged chips and salsas — is branching out into frozen skillet meals and bowls, available in grocery stores this summer. Bayless sold the Frontera packaged business to Conagra last September for a reported $108.9 million, but stayed on with the company as an “advisor.”

• Christina Tosi’s sweets emporium Milk Bar is the latest brand to partner with an airline. JetBlue’s “premium” travel class, cutesily named Mint, will now offer Milk Bar snacks in its cabin, including branded juice, Tosi’s famous “bagel bombs,” and according to Fortune, a “pre-arrival Milk Bar cookie in a custom gift box.”

• Shake Shack now delivers, sort of: The line-inducing burger chain is testing delivery in New York City via third-party service Caviar. It’s calling the weekend-only service a “delivery pop-up.”

• Here’s the first look at hotly anticipated spring opening Double R Diner — aka, of course, the fictional greasy spoon setting of Twin Peaks.

• Even Disney World is getting in on the mobile food-ordering game, allowing visitors to pre-order and pre-pay, via app, at a new Avatar-themed restaurant.