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Ina Garten’s New Show Will Teach You to ‘Cook Like a Pro’ [Updated]

Rejoice: Ina’s back

Ina Garten Ina Garten/Facebook

Grand dame of culinary television Ina Garten has a new series in the works. Details are scarce at the moment, but Cook Like a Pro will premiere on Food Network in mid-May. Garten announced the big news on social media Thursday.

Neither Garten nor anyone at Food Network have revealed the exact plot for the series, but based on the name and above announcement, the Queen of the Hamptons may use new episodes to teach viewers how to master seemingly difficult recipes and techniques. The above image depicts Garten and her assistant, Lidey Heuck, posing with an impressive chevron cake. Garten recently featured the same cake in an Instagram video, People notes.

“Chocolate Ganache Cake with chevron decoration — looks professional but with a little practice it's really easy!!” the caption reads.

Garten’s most recent Food Network shows have depicted the fabulous chef cooking with some of her celebrity friends and preparing her husband Jeffrey’s favorite meals. The latter was a companion to her cookbook Cooking for Jeffrey, which was released in October. The book was a smash hit, immediately rising to the top of the best-seller lists.

Update: March 24, 4:45 p.m. Garten shared a few more details with Today Food. Cook Like a Pro will indeed focus on techniques, but it will come at the expense of demonstrating full recipes. “[The show] is a little more fine-grained than my other show, which is more like my friends are coming for dinner,” Garten told Today. “I want to teach people techniques instead of recipes. I just want to answer all of people's questions on how to cook.”

As if she wasn’t already on top of the world, it appears Garten is attempting to establish herself as a timeless icon by securing the most-coveted demographic of all: millennials. While she’s the ideal best friend for older generations, she wants to be the kitchen-savvy parent today’s young adults apparently never had.

“People are growing up without anyone to show them how to cook, and millennials want to cook for their families and have dinner parties,” Garten said. “They’re hungry not just for the nourishment of cooking but also the community of it.

“I just want to show people how to saute a pepper, chop an onion and cut a cauliflower so that it won't get all over your kitchen. A few simple tips can take something to a professional level.”

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