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At Starbucks, Victoria Beckham Is Still Posh Spice

Forever a Spice Girl

Some of today’s youths may know Victoria Beckham only as a person who has achieved wealth and fame through fashion design and television appearances. Nineties kids, however, know she’s Posh Spice, one of five Spice Girls who took the world by storm in 1996. It looks like at least one Starbucks barista in London remembers “Wannabe.”

When my mum goes to Starbucks!!

A post shared by Romeobeckham (@romeobeckham) on

Beckham’s son Romeo posted the above image to Instagram on Sunday. She may go by Victoria these days, but she’ll always be Posh to anyone who was paying attention to any sort of popular culture in the late ‘90s. It’s unclear exactly what Beckham ordered at this ‘Bucks, but the Daily Mail speculates it’s an iced white Americano, a nice morning eye-opener. Perhaps she can land an endorsement deal similar to the one her husband has with Haig Club whiskey.

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