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This Twice-Fried Chicken and Greens Begins on One Oahu Farm

How Hawaii’s Fête does farm-to-table

"Fête is our hapa baby," the restaurant’s website reads, referring to the Hawaiian term for a person of mixed ethnic heritage. "One part Hawaii and one part Brooklyn." Located in downtown Honolulu, Fête is the brainchild of managing partners Robynne Maii and Chuck Bussler, a self-proclaimed "seasonal New American neighborhood restaurant" with a focus on farm-to-table cooking. On this episode of Deconstructed, Eater follows that trajectory, from Mohala Farms on Oahu’s North Shore to dinner service at Fête.

Mohala Farms began operations in 2005, and in the decade since has become a prominent source of local produce across the island. A six-acre organic farm and non-profit organization, Mohala supplies mostly greens and herbs — but also other fruits and vegetables in their seasons — to farmers markets, restaurants, and its own weekly CSA program. Fête’s partnership with Mohala makes one of their most popular dishes possible: the large leafy collard greens served on the side of the restaurant’s twice-fried chicken dish come directly from the farm (the chicken is locally sourced as well). Finished with spicy tomato jam and grits, it’s an Oahu meal from beginning to end.

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