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Tokyo’s New Nap Cafe Is an Actual Dream Come True

Settle in for a two-hour snooze followed by a cup of coffee

Jose AS Reyes/Shutterstock

Tokyo is famously home to numerous unusual themed restaurants, from owl cafes to a restaurant dedicated to Ted, the American movie franchise starring a foul-mouthed anthropomorphized teddy bear. But its latest pop-up may be especially appealing to the city’s hardworking masses: a nap cafe.

Typically serving up only coffee and espresso, RocketNews24 reports the Nescafe Harajuku has temporarily been transformed into a cozy respite for anyone in need of a quick snooze. From now through March 26, the coffee shop will serve as a “dimly lit wonderland” outfitted with 10 very fancy electronic reclining beds that retail for as much as $9,000 each.

Visitors, who must order at least one food item in order to score a two-hour naptime, will be treated to a cup of complimentary decaf before settling into one of the beds, each of which are outfitted with customizable lighting and Sony Walkmans loaded with “romantic sax” music and headphones to help patrons drift off. Upon emerging from their slumber, they’ll be served a cup of regular coffee before venturing back into hectic city life.

Clearly the next evolution in the world of themed cafes will be a cat cafe-sleep cafe hybrid, though it may take an immense amount of coffee to rouse patrons from that kind of deeply relaxed slumber.

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