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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Are Going Green For St. Patrick’s Day

Plus other food news to know today

Courtesy Krispy Kreme

• St. Patrick’s Day often brings an unfortunate parade of dyed foods that have no business being green, but if there’s one unnaturally tinted item we could get behind, it’s icing. With that in mind, relevant to our interests: Krispy Kreme, as per annual tradition, will release its all-green glazed doughnuts for one day only.

• If you’re going to read just one 3,000+ word story about the unexpected comeback of Domino’s Pizza, make it this one: Bloomberg Businessweek takes a look at how the once-maligned brand has arrived back in its customers’ good graces, after a series of public relations missteps in the mid-aughts. Domino’s approached its optics issues in a way that deviates from the norm — mainly, by admitting the pizza it had sold for decades was, to put it simply, bad.

• Donald Trump-branded wine existed long before the businessman became president, but now, a winery is cashing in on First Lady Melania Trump’s name. Four winemakers in her native Slovenia have joined forces to create a “First Lady” wine using Blaufränkisch grapes. It’s currently available for sale at Sevnica Castle, a popular tourist attraction in southeastern Slovenia.

• For several weeks, diners in Montreal have inhaled the gossip engulfing a new restaurant by star French chef Joël Robuchon — which received a whopping $11 million in government funding. So naturally, critic Chris Nuttall-Smith went to review it. The gist: “Dinner here is a little like a duty-free Hermès tie: really pricey and beautifully made, but which airport did you buy it in again?”

• Coffee in Italy will soon get more expensive: Visitors can expect their cups to cost 10 to 20 cents more starting this summer, thanks to pricing recommendations set by a local industry group.

• Are “artisanal wine coolers” a thing? Sure, count us in.