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Tiffins Is Disney World’s Best Restaurant

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Tucked away in Orlando’s Animal Kingdom, this might be the greatest place to eat in any Disney park around the world

Theme park aficionado Carlye Wisel has dined at her fair share of Disney properties, but claims the restaurant she and the Consumed crew visit in this episode — Tiffins Restaurant, inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Orlando — is the very best meal to be had at any of them. Less than a year old, Tiffins is located at a fairly isolated end of Animal Kingdom, near what will soon become the park’s newest area, “Pandora: World of Avatar.” But with the Asian and African decor, three dining rooms, and more upscale menu, it’s clear Disney is hoping it will become a destination in its own right.

Tiffins is Animal Kingdom’s first foray into “signature” dining (read: fine dining, a category Disney labels as priced between $35 and $59.99), and the menu is fittingly higher-end. Chef de cuisine David Njoroge cooks up Wagyu beef, house-made charcuterie, and whole fried Florida Keys yellowtail snapper, which is served to look like it’s swimming, teeth-bared, across a bed of forbidden black rice. Could Tiffins be the culinary escape every ragged amusement park-goer dreams about? “If you care about food even the slightest and you don’t come here,” Wisel notes, “you didn’t do Disney right.”

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