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Watch Larry King’s Priceless Milk Bar Hot Takes

This video might just restore your faith in humanity

[Larry King Now]

Octogenarian TV anchor Larry King shows off a hidden talent for food reviewing in this delightful interview with Milk Bar chef/owner Christina Tosi on Larry King Now. After sampling his first-ever bite of Crack Pie, King proclaims: “I would eat this a lot. It feels familiar, but feels brand new. It feels like I’ve known this, but I have no idea what it is.” King is both perplexed and delighted by the fruitless pie filling, but he immediately understands the appeal of the rainbow birthday cake, remarking: “Very smooth, a lot of flavors, lot of texture.” And after sampling the B’Day Truffle (handheld bites of the rainbow birthday cake, rolled in cake crumbs), King tells Tosi: “Milk Bar’s gonna be a big hit in LA.” Here’s the clip:

Tosi and the Milk Bar crew are indeed planning to open their first-ever location in Los Angeles this year, although they still have not revealed the shop’s address yet. Back in December, Tosi opened a Milk Bar in Las Vegas to coincide with the debut of the new Momofuku restaurant at the Cosmopolitan.

Larry King is the food critic we need [Ora]

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