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Dole Whip Is No Longer Just Ice Cream

Plus other food news to know today

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Dole Whip at Magic Kingdom Photo: Altpaste/Flickr

• Dole Whip — the pineapple-flavored frozen concoction best known for its ubiquity at Disney World theme parks — has morphed into a slightly more solid form. Photos of Dole Whip Cotton Candy are currently taking over the Disney internet, though not everyone’s enamored with the treat. Dining in Disney blogger Heather Sievers wrote in her Instagram post that after she “conquered” the mound of pineapple-flavored cotton candy, she “wasn't super thrilled with it but worth a try!”

• Starbucks is hopping on Bitcoin bandwagon, approximately two years after people stopped caring about Bitcoin. The coffee shop conglomerate is now accepting the virtual currency via a partnership with iPayYou, a Bitcoin “wallet” that can transfer funds directly into the Starbucks ordering app. Bitcoins gained some traction in the hospitality industry in 2014, with several restaurants accepting it — one even tried to encourage Bitcoin use among its customers by offering Bitcoin-related discounts.

Ice cream on pizza, anyone? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are getting their own dedicated cookbook. For those unfamiliar with the animated cartoon classic (and/or the much flashier, Michael Bay-reimagined TMNT), the titular crime fighters basically eat nothing but pizza with unexpected toppings, so author Peggy Paul Casella brings 65 of those recipes to life with dishes like deep-dish goulash pizza and the “Sewer Surfer,” a pizza topped with pineapple. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Cookbook will be released May 9.

• Chef John Currence has announced the dates (April 7 and 8) and participants for his second-annual “Light in April” fundraiser, which brings high-profile chefs into Oxford, Mississippi’s private homes. This year, Ashley Christensen, Michael Solomonov, and Ed Lee are among the visiting chefs for the private dinners, while a Friday-night tasting event will focus on Mexican-American cuisine. All proceeds benefit Currence’s Move On Up, Mississippi, an organization that battles childhood hunger.

• Mexico is withholding a large shipment of sugar destined for the United States, blaming, as Business Insider reports, “unfilled positions at the US Department of Commerce.”

• San Francisco chef/rabble-rouser Richie Nakano has something to get off his chest: He fucking hates ramps.

Pancake-themed baths — complete with pumped-in scents of vanilla and maple — will open in Japan, aka truly the happiest place on earth.