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This Restaurant Is One Big Unlicensed Jay Z/Beyoncé Sample

Kanye and Biggie are also referenced on the menu 

Beyoncé and Jay Z, the queen and king of American pop culture, are the inspirations for an odd new restaurant in Sydney, Australia called the Carter. The first floor has an Art Deco-themed room that vaguely resembles the interior of Jay’s New York sports bar the 40/40 Club, and the walls in a downstairs lounge area are adorned with murals depicting Bey and her husband. The club’s manager, Chady Khouzame, tells the Music: “Jay Z and Beyoncé have always been at the center of controversy which is what inspired our hidden messages in artwork surrounding the bar and the murals on the wall in the basement."

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The menu has nods to other hip hop and R&B stars, with dishes like NAS sticky ribs, a Biggie T-bone steak, and Kanye BBQ corn. To drink, the bar is serving a “Kimye” cocktail as well as a rum-based beverage called the Snoop Lion. The owners also made the unfortunate decision to name a plate of fried chicken, waffles, and watermelon after President Barack Obama. The former POTUS’s name is also attached to a cognac cocktail. Ugh.

So far, it looks like nobody’s complaining about the food or the theme. The Instagram page is full of photos of people partying down, and Eric Andre and Rosario Dawson — the Hollywood “it” couple of early 2017 — were recently spotted hanging out at the Carter. Jay and Bey have not commented on the opening of this restaurant inspired by their musical legacies, but that makes sense considering that they’re super busy moving to Los Angeles and preparing for the arrival of their twins.

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