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Budweiser Really Wants to Brew Its Beer on Mars

Plus other food news to know today

Beer on Mars Photos: Mars by NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS via Getty Images; Budweiser by Christopher Elwell/Shutterstock

• Inspired no doubt by the potatoes in The Martian, beer conglomerate Anheuser-Busch has announced “plans” to brew its Budweiser beer on Mars. In the stunt unveiled at (where else?) South by Southwest, Budweiser executives said they’re investigating micro-gravity techniques for brewing beer in space, in order to best prepare for the inevitable colonization of the Red Planet. Brewers in particular are seemingly obsessed with the idea of going into space: In 2015, Heineken launched one of its beers into space just for the hell of it, and earlier that same year, Ninkasi Brewing created a beer using yeast that had survived a journey into space and back.

NPR reports how some Yelpers are having fun with review pages for restaurants and properties owned by Donald Trump. While some are using their reviews to make jokes (“I just wanted a quiet peaceful meal, but White House staff and diplomats at the next table kept shouting out classified information,” writes one), as Eater has reported, Yelp also often finds itself the somewhat unlikely site for social protest.

• President Donald Trump is eyeing Scott Gottlieb, a former deputy director of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, for the role of FDA chief, overseeing the department responsible for, among other things, handling food recalls and inspections.

• Meanwhile, the Senate confirmation hearing for Labor Secretary nominee Alexander Acosta has been pushed back to March 22.

• Krispy Kreme is partnering with Lionsgate Films to offer Power Rangers-themed doughnuts as part of a movie-tie in. The jazzed-up doughnuts will be topped with an edible silver glitter and candy lightening bolts.

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