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Why Does This Broccoli Carving Make People Want to Barf?

This food art crosses the uncanny valley

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Instagram users all around the world are currently obsessing over Mukimono, the Japanese art of intricate fruit and vegetable carving. One Instagram superstar in particular, gakugakugakugakugaku1, is attracting a lot of attention and racking up tons of “likes” for his intricate carvings. It’s clear that a lot of Instagrammers dig this type of food artistry, but an informal poll of around a dozen Eater editors also suggests that these carvings have the power to make you feel uneasy for some mysterious reason. These carvings creep people out in the same way that robots do when they cross into the uncanny valley.

Here is a photo of a recent work from gakugakugakugakugaku1 followed by an actual conversation that happened at Eater this afternoon:

Ellen: Makes me queasy. It triggers my mild case of Trypophobia.
Whitney: It makes me feel like I’m on shrooms. I have to look away now.
Brenna: Yuck. I saw this the other day. It makes me feel deeply uncomfortable in the same way that looking at lotus pods does.
Erin: Omggg yes — I was not aware that Trypophobia is a thing but I 100 percent feel this way.
Ellen: It is a THING and when I Googled to make sure I spelled it right, it brought up a bunch of horrifying hole-y images that legit make me gasp. Still shivering with disgust.
Erin: Yeah they make me feel... itchy? But like in my soul.
Serena: Oh my god, that broccoli is so disturbing. I hate it.
David: It makes me subtly angry.
Missy: I feel neutral when I look at it but I’m fascinated that it can repel like this!
Whitney: That broccoli photo legit triggered waves of nausea in me.
Serena: Is this something can we turn into a story?
Ellen: Headline: "Broccoli art that will make you barf"

Check out more of gakugakugakugakugaku1’s work on Instagram... if you dare.

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