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Papa John’s Wants to Charge You for Faster Pizza Delivery

Consider it a voluntary hangry tax

Papa John’s/Facebook

Papa John’s is looking to capitalize on its customers’ lack of patience: The chain is testing a “Papa Priority” fee that lets people pay $2.99 to get their pizza faster, the Associated Press reports.

While the fee doesn’t guarantee a specific delivery time, it promptly bumps the order — limited to five per night per store — to the front of the make line. While AP compares the move to airlines that let passengers pay for privileges such as priority boarding, the move is also reminiscent of delivery apps such as Postmates that profit off hungry customers’ willingness to pay more by implementing surge pricing during particularly busy times.

The program is currently being tested in “select locations”; Papa John’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, Domino’s — ever on the forefront of pizza technology, what with its reindeer delivery and autonomous pizza robots — is also testing a new ordering innovation: The chain wants to make it easier for customers to get food delivered anywhere via a new app called (what else) Domino’s Anywhere. As CNET reports, it utilizes GPS to enable customers to give delivery drivers a hyper-specific location based on a dropped pin on a map, à la Uber. The app was developed by Domino’s in Netherlands and will hit Australia this spring.

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