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Shrimp Three Ways at One of Hawaii’s Oldest Food Trucks

Giovanni’s in Oahu serves up lemony, garlicky, and spicy scampi

All-shrimp food trucks are popular lunch destinations in Oahu's North Shore, but none top the island fame (and proliferation of graffiti) of Giovanni's. Originally opened in 1993 out of what was then a bread-delivery truck, Giovanni's spent its first few years on the more traditional food-truck scene, driving around the island to sell simply prepared shellfish. Now under new ownership, the truck is parked full-time off the highway in historic Kahuku, where locals and tourists alike flock for a meal of shrimp and rice.

Dining on a Dime host Lucas Peterson visits Giovanni's on this episode to see what all the hype is about. Are these trucks just tourist traps, or is there something to them? He samples all three varieties on the menu — lemon and butter, spicy hot (and non-refundable), and their most famous, garlic scampi — to decide whether they’re worthy of the buzz.

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