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Has Salt Bae Finally Jumped the Shark?

Even the most hardcore #saltbae fans will find this bizarre

The internet fell in love with Turkish butcher/chef/restaurateur Nusret Gökçe last month when he posted a mesmerizing video of his meat-slicing and salt sprinkling skills to Instagram. Gökçe quickly earned the nickname Salt Bae and fans started imitating his signature move and creating tributes to him all over the world. Another legendary heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio, even paid a visit to Salt Bae’s restaurant to check out the competition, and Gökçe recently announced plans to bring his talents to New York and London.

But like all internet memes and real-life crushes, the magic can only last so long. And now, sadly, it’s clear that Salt Bae’s mojo is waning after the release of his latest Instagram post, a bizarre dance routine with a headless lamb carcass and a bouquet of flowers, set to an EDM cover of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons:

I love you baby dedi #salt #saltlife #saltbae

A video posted by nusr_et (@nusr_et) on

It’s a little creepy and a bit clumsy, but the crucial mistake is that Bae is playing for laughs, as opposed to quietly dazzling his audience with a few masterful flicks of the wrist and fanning of his fingers. This video is one big wink at the internet. Salt Bae is now a parody of himself.

Maybe Gökçe will eventually release another clip that captures the magic of his previous hits. But until that day, the internet can fondly remember the last few weeks of January and first eight days of February, when he cast a salty spell over Instagram feeds across the globe.
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