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Watch the Exhilarating New ‘Chef’s Table’ Trailer

The acclaimed restaurant documentary series returns next week

David Gelb’s Chef’s Table series focuses on the lives of the world’s best chefs, both inside and outside the kitchen. It’s a show about people, first and foremost, but Gelb and his crew also have a knack for shooting the food, too. This trailer for the new season of the show is full of gorgeous things to eat, including pizza from Los Angeles icon Nancy Silverton, noodles from New York ramen star Ivan Orkin, and vegetable delicacies from Seoul’s Jeong Kwan.

The new series, which will hit Netflix on Friday, February 17, features episodes dedicated to those three chefs, as well as Berlin hot shot Tim Raue, Moscow critical darling Vladimir Mukhin, and acclaimed Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez. Listen closely to this trailer, and you will hear vocal cameos from Eric Ripert and Mario Batali. After two full seasons and four-episode set focusing on France, this is the third proper season of the hit documentary series.

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