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Guy Fieri Hosts $700 Per Person Car Dealership Super Bowl Party

The event had suds, meats, tunes, sports guys, and Toyotas

[Getty/Gustavo Caballero]

If you want to summon Guy Fieri, the best strategy is to start grilling some sausages on a Weber near a styrofoam cooler full of party ice and domestic brews in a stadium parking lot. Once Fieri gets a whiff of the smoke, he’ll find you in no time. The man cannot resist a good tailgating session. And over the weekend, the Food Network star hosted the mother of all tailgating parties at a Toyota dealership near NRG stadium in Houston, where guests paid $700 each to cut loose alongside the Spiky One in his natural habitat, right before the biggest sporting event of the year.

In the middle of the sold-out kickoff party, Fieri explained the Super Bowl/tailgating conundrum: "At football games, you tailgate all year, then you go to the Super Bowl, and they don't allow tailgating... We didn't like that, so we thought we'd throw the best tailgate party anyone's ever seen." That bash included a “BBQ Butts and Brisket” station, as well as a “Mac Daddy Mac N’ Cheese” stand, and a dessert counter called the “Flavortown Finale Ice Cream & Candy Bar.” On the lighter side of things, the celebrity chef served ahi tuna poke, made with fish that was flown in fresh from Hawaii. Clearly, no expense was spared at this suped-up Super Bowl smorgasbord.

Miss America was there, and so were some NFL players and a guy who billed himself as the “first professional sports franchise DJ in the United States.” Fieri told CultureMap about his goal for this game day warm-up extravaganza: “Most people just sit in the lobby bar... I said, ‘I want to create a kickoff that really goes to the next level.’”

Besides starting a tailgating jamboree, the other way to summon Guy Fieri is by winning the Super Bowl, which the Patriots found out later that evening.

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