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‘Twin Peaks’ Is Returning, So Here’s a Look Back at Agent Cooper Enjoying Damn Good Coffee

Except when there's a fish in the percolator

Cashing in on nostalgia and rebooting old shows is all the rage, and Showtime is getting a piece of the action. Twenty-six years after it went off the air — Laura Palmer just missed her predictionTwin Peaks is coming back on the network. As such, the hype machine is kicking into high gear. For those who fondly remember Agent Dale Cooper’s love of coffee, an official Twin Peaks YouTube channel has produced this supercut.

Plans for the revival were first revealed way back in October 2014, and the long wait will finally end with a May 21 premiere. In the coming months, expect many more promotional stunts to spur anticipation. In fact, considering Cooper’s affinity for damn good coffee, Showtime might want to take a page from Netflix’s playbook. Ahead of last November’s Gilmore Girls revival, the streaming company transformed hundreds of cafes across the country into Luke’s Diner, and fans of the show went nuts.

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