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Brace: New Shamrock Shake Flavors Coming to McDonald’s

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Plus other top food news of the day

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McDonald’s, seeing more green
McDonald’s is leaning in hard on its limited-time only offerings: The fast-food giant announced last week that it’ll offer four new flavors of its cultishly beloved, mint-flavored Shamrock Shake, which usually hits menus (obviously) around St. Patrick’s Day. Fans of the 530-calorie mint and whipped cream beverage — which traditionally mixes McDonald’s vanilla custard with green mint-flavored syrup — can soon order up a chocolate version (featuring two layers, a chocolate shake on bottom and the mint-custard mix on top), a Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe (featuring a mixture of mint syrup, mocha, and caramel frappe), and Shamrock versions of hot chocolate and frappe, which simply add the mint syrup to both those beverages. The shaken-up shake lineup is being rolled out now.

Super Bowl concessions
During last night’s nail-biting Super Bowl contest, the vast majority of us likely watched from the comfort of someone’s home, arguing over the seven-layer dip and the commercials. But if you were a fan watching the game live at Houston’s NRG Stadium, you were likely shelling out some serious money for food: Business Insider has a rundown of concession prices during yesterday’s game, where Cheetos-branded popcorn and Tostitos-branded nachos set fans back. A bottle of water cost diners $6, cocktails started at $15, and sandwiches from the stadium’s location of Killen’s Barbecue cost $19 apiece. (The “normal” price for a Killen’s sandwich, per the restaurant’s regular menu: $8.75.)

The grocery of the future is here, and it’s hiding the robots.
Amazon has already perfected the business of delivering toilet paper and sundries to your door within 48 hours — now it wants in on the traditional grocery game, too. CEO Jeff Bezos is eyeing a full-sized Amazon grocery concept, the NY Post reports, complete with robotic staff that makes the shopping process as automated as humanly possible. According to reports, plans call for as few as three human employees in each 10,000- to 40,000-square-foot location, which will be stocked with the grocery items, like produce, that “shoppers typically like to touch” and select for themselves.

WORTHY READING: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl last night, but did you know he also has his own ($200) cookbook? Called the TB12 Nutrition Manual, it’s apparently less a collection of recipes and more a “living document” that involves recipes getting continuously sent to buyers. Sounds... less than delicious.

VIDEO INTERLUDE: Hungover from last night’s big game? This might help (or not):

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