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The Top-Searched Super Bowl Recipes by State

Google Trends tracks down what America's serving Super Bowl Sunday

After commercials and the actual game, one of the most important elements to Super Bowl Sunday is the food. Everyone knows that wings are king at Super Bowl — the National Chicken Council predicts Americans will eat more than 1.3 billion wings this year. But wings are the easy part. Some people are turning to the Internet to find homemade recipes to add more depth and diversity to their Sunday night spreads. Depending on where you’re from, you might have different ideas of what makes the perfect Super Bowl party snack — the dip, the dessert, or the appetizers.

Google Trends compiled a list of top recipes and beer searches relating to the Super Bowl. The results reflect the most popular items searched, two weeks before the Super Bowl, and can give an idea of what people around the country are interested in making for the biggest sports event of the year. Trends divided the food items into three categories: desserts, dips/salsas, wings, chili, and “other.” The beer choices were ale, India pale ale, and porter.

The final score: Dessert is MVP on the West Coast, which has the strongest sweet tooth. Among the most popular Super Bowl dessert recipes searched in America were cupcakes, including “football cupcakes” in Texas. Meanwhile, much of the Midwest and East Coast are searching for dips and salsas to go with the obligatory wings and tortilla chips on Game Day. The most popular dip is the buffalo wing dip — not surprising, considering wings remain one of the most popular game day snacks in America.

Courtesy Google Trends

On February 5, during Super Bowl LI, the New England Patriots will square off against the Atlanta Falcons. In Massachusetts, where the Patriots are based, a lot of fans will probably be dipping their wings in homemade buffalo chicken dip, according to the data. Meanwhile, people in Georgia, home to the Falcons, are predicted to be spicing up their parties homemade pico de gallo salsa.

In terms of beer, most of the country is using Google to find ale to drink during the Super Bowl. India pale ale comes in second. But only one state, Arkansas, is interested in porters. Whatever the beer of choice, as more Super Bowl party-planners try to get creative, there may be some new snack favorites to look out for even before kickoff.

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