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Watch This Pitch-Perfect 'Chef’s Table' Parody

“Portlandia” totally nails the show's tone and visual style

“I want this to be the unifying sushi that anyone can eat, but nobody wants to eat,” says chef Francis, the proprietor of Kuko, Portland’s only restaurant specializing in airport-style sushi. His goal is to serve the “most borderline not-sushi sushi in the world.” He also wants to serve sushi that makes his guests wonder if they’re “eating bits of plastic.” The chef, played by Fred Armisen, was inspired to open his restaurant by a meal at the Denver airport, where he first discovered sushi with “a fishy, sweet-for-some-reason flavor” that crumbled in his hands. “I want to make it like we have no love for it,” the chef explains.

Francis is the star of Portlandia’s hilarious Chef’s Table parody, which references every stylistic trademark of David Gelb’s hit Netflix series in under 90 seconds. This clip has everything: a candid origin story, shots of a chef walking through nature, a frenetic dinner service, and lots of intense classical music. Bravo, Portlandia:

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