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Watch Hugh Jackman Shred the Wolverine Diet to Smithereens

Jimmy Fallon & Mario Batali surprise the actor with pasta and wine

For the past 17 years, Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine in the X-Men movies, which means that for nearly two decades, the actor has had to stay on a strict diet — his character is often shirtless and slashing his way out of difficult situations, so no dad bods were allowed on set. But now, with the release of Logan, Jackman is finally putting Wolverine (and the Wolverine diet) to bed.

Jimmy Fallon, always the considerate soul, wanted to celebrate the end of Jackman’s X-Men fasting during the actor’s Tonight Show appearance last Friday. And so, toward the end of their segment, the late-night host summoned his buddy Mario Batali from backstage, who surprised Jackman with a gigantic bowl of pasta and a hearty pour of wine. This clip captures the pure joy of kicking your diet to the curb and diving head-first into a pile of delicious carbohydrates.

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