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Of Course Donald Trump Puts Ketchup on His Steak

Would you expect anything else?

Donald Trump eating steak Photo: Stephen Lovekin/WireImage for Hill & Knowlton

President Donald Trump’s penchant for well-done steak is well-documented, and yet somehow the Commander in Chief managed to commit yet-another offense against the beef industry of America. According to a report in the Independent Journal Review, during a Saturday-night dinner at the D.C. location of BLT Prime by David Burke, which is inside Trump’s D.C. hotel, the president ordered his 28-day dry-aged New York strip steak well-done — and then ate it with ketchup (or catsup if you prefer for some reason).

Per the BLT Prime menu, the $54 cut was also finished with herb butter (unless, of course, the prez asked for it without), and the unorthodox condiment must have been a special request, as ketchup does not appear on the BLT menu as a suggested sauce:

The Meat Show host and beef expert Nick Solares has gone on the record as to why the cloying sweetness of ketchup should be banned from all beef products, particularly high-quality steaks. “Why on earth would someone choose to cover up such a carefully crafted ... beef with a such a sweet, overpowering condiment?” Solares wrote in 2010. Meanwhile, Eater’s Helen Rosner can’t get over the well-done steak as an order in an of itself: “Adults who won’t eat pink-hearted steaks might lean on any number of reasons for their position, but almost always it comes down to this aversion to risk,” she wrote in November, in response to the news that the then-president-elect was a firm-steak fan. That preference, she writes, “is at its core an unwillingness to trust the validity and goodwill of any experiences beyond the limited sphere of your own.”

IJR reporter Benny Johnson, who supposedly booked a table a BLT after receiving a tip the president would dine there, writes that steak wasn’t the only order: “The sides and appetizers on the table were shared. Three jumbo shrimp cocktails were delivered before the meal.” No word on what Ivanka Trump ate for dinner, or if there was any unorthodox condiment use.

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