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Everything That Happened on Noma’s Last Day

René Redzepi’s Copenhagen restaurant is closing and relocating

The sign at Noma’s original location. Martin Kaufmann
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Today was the last day for both lunch and dinner service at René Redzepi’s groundbreaking Copenhagen restaurant Noma — at least as it exists in its current form and in its current location. Redzepi is relocating the restaurant to a different neighborhood, and later this year, Noma will reemerge with an urban culinary garden in tow. Diners with lots of money eager to get a taste of Noma before then also have the opportunity to try Redzepi’s work in Tulum, Mexico, where from April 12 to May 28 Noma will be operating as a pop-up.

Attended by Redzepi’s core constituency of chefs like David Chang and other industry cool kids, here’s how the lucky few celebrated this momentous day in Noma history:

Guests Dined on Beautifully Plated Nordic Cuisine With a Sense of Time and Place

Here’s the menu currently listed on Noma’s website, sear it in your memory:

Warm broth of cloudberry

Apple of the season

Fresh sliced scallop

An autumn platter

Radish pie

Natural fermented bread of Øland wheat and hulless barley

Limfjords oyster and broccoli stems

Sea urchin and cabbage

Langoustine, onion and lavender

Butternut squash and barley

Steamed king crab and egg yolk sauce

Charred greens with a scallop paste

Roasted bone marrow

A dessert of potatoes and plums

Black currant wood ice cream and roasted konini

Moss cooked in white chocolate

Rye porridge filled chocolate

Below, snapshots from lunch and dinner today:

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Baby Interlude

Selfies on Selfies

Some people selfied from Noma, others #tbt’d selfies proving they had once been to Noma. Either way, people were celebrating

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when you're late for the last class photo

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Copenhagen Sunset Interlude

The Last Plate Ever Served at Noma 1.0

Redzepi, Out (For Now)

@reneredzepinoma gets attacked with champagne on the last night of @nomacph's original location

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