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What Should Be the Official State Food of Texas?

Plus other food news to know today

Tacos Photo: Lucky 33/Shutterstock

• Today in “be the change you wish to see in the world”: A Texas resident has started a petition to designate tacos as the official state food, yanking that status away from (a presumably no-bean) chili. Petition-starter Mando Rayo, who’s written a book called Tacos of Texas, argues in his petition that tacos, unlike the super-meaty chili, are “pretty much part of our daily diet.” And of course, there’s nothing better to represent the diversity of a large state than a foodstuff that inspires debate: “People in Texas are die-hard taco fans, whether it's fighting over breakfast tacos, brisket tacos or showing our love for traditional al pastor, carnitas or fajitas.” So far, Rayo has collected 850 signatures.

Noma as we know it is no more. René Redzepi’s influential Copenhagen restaurant will celebrate its final service in its current incarnation tomorrow evening, during a dinner that not-surprisingly sold out the minute reservations became available. It’s been an extended farewell tour for the space: The mercurial chef announced Noma 1.0’s impending closure back in fall 2015. The Noma crew plans to dramatically revamp the restaurant, instituting an urban farm, later this year — after of course, taking a quick detour to Tulum, Mexico, where a Noma pop-up will begin in April. (Tickets to that are sold out, too.)

• Former President Barack Obama, aka the foodiest of the presidents, enjoyed dinner in New York City last night at Manhattan’s old-school Italian restaurant Emilio's Ballato. Per an Instagram photo, he’s looking quite relaxed these days.

• Canada will soon enjoy its own version of reality TV sensation The Great British Bake Off: The Great Canadian Baking Show is currently casting amateur bakers.

Bob’s Burgers, television’s best animated comedy about a family-run burger joint (and a seriously great show) is releasing its first soundtrack in May.

• After a listeria recall earlier this month that saw several of its cheese blends pulled from shelves, Sargento has cut ties with a supplier.

• Great Big Story takes a look at the history of Cuban-Chinese food in New York City:

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