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Never Start a Road Trip Without Deli Sandwiches

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Seriously. Grab all the pastrami

New foods aren’t the only reason to travel, but they’re perhaps the most compelling. In Open Road, a new eight-part series from Eater, brother and sister duo Fernando and Bricia Lopez take a culinary-themed road trip from Los Angeles to Ensenada, Mexico, with plenty of stops for great meals in between.

The Lopez siblings aren’t strangers to good food — their family owns and operates Restaurante Guelaguetza, an LA institution that’s been serving up Oaxacan-style Mexican cuisine since 1994. (Guelaguetza and the Lopez family received James Beard America’s Classics recognition in 2015.)

For the Lopez siblings, it’s never a good idea to embark on a journey with an empty stomach, so before heading out of town, the pair stops by Wexler’s Deli, a local favorite known for smoked fish and excellent pastrami, to load up on classic deli sandwiches. LA isn’t known for its deli scene, so this New York-inspired sandwich counter feels new to both of them. And in a wise move, Bricia grabs one extra sandwich for the road. The next stop on this road trip is San Diego — but for now, watch them savor their sandwiches above.

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