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Gordon Ramsay Continues to Skewer His Fans’ Home-Cooked Meals on Twitter

The shouty chef isn’t easily impressed

Gordon Ramsay.
Gordon Ramsay.
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Vegas Uncork'd by Bon Appetit

Gordon Ramsay is still tearing people to shreds on Twitter. Earlier this month, the notoriously shouty chef began mocking his fans’ home-cooked meals on the social media platform, and he isn’t letting up. Ramsay has continued to crush the hopes and dreams of amateur chefs, just as he has done with so many reality-television chefs in the past. But instead of going on profanity-laced tirades, he’s dishing out terrible puns. Below, five Ramsay’s sickest burns from recent days.

Truly savage.


The four exclamation points really drive this one home.

Sorry, Ian, you have shown Gordon Ramsay your bare feet, and you are now dead.


Bonus round: When he isn’t tearing down Twitter users’ feeble attempts at cooking with equally bad puns, Ramsay likes to deploy some vivid imagery.

Do not tweet pictures of food to Gordon Ramsay.

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